Tres Reges


The epic tale of 3 best buddies cycling from London to Barcelona

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Tres Reges

Tres Reges – Three Kings

The Three, Them Kings. It was the 10th of March, at 10.03 am, on a warm , still morning at Curtin University’s Bentley Campus, Perth, Western Australia, the year 2006. Give or take a few weeks. The time could be way off. Warm and still was a complete guess, but it was definitely at the university. The first class of a 3-year degree had begun and our three humble young gentlemen were in a room together for the first time.

The oldest and best looking of the group, Chris, was no stranger to the university scene, having already studied for the two years previous. Indecisive in nature, he had started degrees in Landscape Management changed to Landscape Architecture and then to proper Architecture and then a year in Graphic Design led him onto this Multimedia Design degree. He was initially lauded for his ability to speak in front of the class without completely crumbling. And also for his soul patch.

Callum, by far the best looking of the group, had the upper hand on the first day. Not only did he have a friend from high school in the same class, but the two of them bore strong resemblances to Seth Cohen of the then hit television series The OC. Winning the Seth Cohen lookalike contest he began his rise to popularity, while his unfortunate friend Adam, second place in the contest, was rejected and forsaken like the sickly babies of Sparta.

Josh was head and shoulders above the other two in terms of looks. When he entered the classroom a hush fell over the pupils. Josh had the aura of a young Aztec chieftain, whose Bangladeshi, Ethiopian and Norse bloodlines had converged at There That Where The Sun Sets to foretell of a great spiritual Oneness and the Blessed Refuge. Everyone thought that was totes cool, the way he looked.

And so it began. They studied together, lived together, worked together, did a Centurion together. But as time went on, it became apparent to these three that there was more to life. More to the world. More to themselves.

Just after Christmas 2009, the three packed up and shipped out to London with hopes of exploring Europe and living a life richer.

They lived a life poorer for 2 years and then decided to go for a ride around Europe. Now they are all rich (in terms of experiences).

London to Gembloux map
Gembloux to Col du Grand St Bernard map
Col du Grand St Bernard to Cannes map
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